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Three Phase Regulator

OMSAN three phase micro-processor controlled servo regulators are produced between 10,5 kVA - 2000 kVA. Micro-controlled electronic boards has two special potentiometers, one for setting the output voltage sensitivity and the other for preventing the unnecessary movements of servo motors in order to increase mechanical life of the variacs and the regulator. Regulator responds to voltage spikes at optimum pulses to prevent overshoot & undershoot type corrections so the load is safer against voltage surges and short circuit current.

OMSAN regulators do not have tap changes providing instant current reaction and voltage sensitivity so that low risk of break downs, long lasting operation and low maintenance features are achieved. They operate mechanically at 100V/sec regulation speed with low output voltage tolerance and are ideal solutions for protecting sensitive electronic loads. They can be used to protect either household appliances or industrial machines.

True RMS measuring
• Controlling with microprocessor
• Perfect static and dynamic regulation
• Mechanical By-pass
• Circuit breaker
• Electronic protection against over-load and short circuit (optional)
• Input and output voltage display
• Various input operating voltage range (special design is possible)
• 380V ± 1% output voltage sensitivity
• 100V/sec voltage regulation speed

Standard input voltage ranges;
Input : 275 – 430 Output : 380 VAC

Special input voltage ranges;
Input : 200 – 400 Output : 380 VAC
Input : 235 – 410 Output : 380 VAC
Input : 310 – 450 Output : 380 VAC