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Static Three Phase Regulator

OMSAN three phase static voltage regulators are produced between 30 kVA - 200 kVA. Unlike servo regulators, static regulators don't have mechanical parts and have semi-conductors minimizing the adjustment process need for maintenance. Semi-conductors provide fast response to fluctuations ( 500 V/sec. regulation speed ) and long-term operation reliability. OMSAN static regulators are micro controlled with isolated gate drive switching at zero current. They do not cause any voltage and current distortion and are ideal solutions for protection of sensitive and valuable electronics systems.

True RMS measuring
• Controlling with microprocessor
• Semi-conductor technology,
• Fully static design no mechanical parts,
• Maintenance and adjustment free
• Perfect static and dynamic regulation
• Mechanical By-pass ( Kraus )
• Circuit breaker ( Legrand )
• Electronic protection against over-load and short circuit
• Input and output voltage LCD display
• Various input operating voltage range;
275/430, 200/400VAC (special design is possible)
• 220V ± 1% output voltage sensitivity
• 500V/sec voltage regulation speed