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Starfish Limited | Shining Star of the Industry

Starfish Limited is supplying of all materials in the field of cable systems, transformer systems, energy, especially in the production of Battery Charger (Rectifiers), inverters, converters, stabilizer, compensation panels and we maintain our innovative attitude in the field of compact laminate

We are always providing Fast and Innovative Solutions.

As Starfish Limited, we provide innovative and sustainable international standards services.
Starfish continues to investing in the current operating sector and evaluates investment opportunities in new sectors of strategic importance.

Battery Charger (Rectifiers)

Invertor and Converters




Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Obstruction Light

Compact Laminat


We are providing products and production solutions in accordance with international standards.


We are providing reliable, fast solutions and competitive prices in international standards.


We are providing innovations by following the developing technology with customer-oriented principle.


Starfish Limited manufacturing and supplies all the materials needed by the energy industry such as rectifier, inverter, converter, stabilizer, compensation device, low and medium voltage transformers, cables, cables headers, DC contactors, metal-enclosed modular cells, compact type transformer substations, concrete kiosks, thermal relays, compensation contactors, switches, reactive power control relays, protection, control relays, isolators, power transmission lines materials, aircraft warning lamps for towers and buildings, and we maintain our innovative attitude in the field of compact laminate.