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Contactorless Compensation Device

Normally, there is no phase difference between voltage and current. As a result of the effect of inductive or capacitive loads, the phase of the current signal shifts at most 390 degrees relative to the voltage signal. The process used to regulate the phase shift between the voltage and current signal resulting from the inductive, capacitive effect and to keep it close to the ideal, that is, at 0 degrees, is called compensation.

What is the compensation board?

In order to regulate the cosQ of an enterprise, the panel above the measuring instruments, contactors, electrical fuses and capacitor is called the compensation panel. In other words, the panels where the tools and equipment used in order to correct the power factor in LV networks. However, the compensation panel is one of the electrical panel types. The most important feature of the compensation panel is that it is a place where the capacitor groups responsible for correcting the power factor of the network are controlled.

What does the compensation board do?

The compensation panel is which the device, capacitor and measuring instruments are located on it and required to correct the power factor of the enterprise. In this sense, inductive loads (transformers, ballasts, electric motors, etc.) draw reactive power. It has a great contribution to the production of the compensation panel at the closest point when reactive power is needed, and to operate the electrical system in the most ideal conditions.

The dimensions of the compensation panel are generally evaluated together with the main distribution panels in the facilities and assembled in that way. The height of the compensation panels should not be less than 200-210 cm and the depth should not be less than 40 cm. Medium voltage (MV) compensation and low voltage (LV) panels are included in these standards. The width is determined by considering the power of the plant.

Installation of compensation system panel

It is done in two ways, external and internal.
The roof should be made with a slope on the top of the external panels and there should be no ventilation louvre. Ventilation louvre must be present in the indoor type panel. In large-diameter panels, an exhaust fan is connected to ventilate the capacitors.

In addition, there should be shelves with sufficient features for the capacitors to be placed. From the main distribution panel to the busbar, there should be places for large power or CABLE transitions. In addition, a thermal magnetic switch must be placed in the main distribution panel for compensation.

Compensation Board Materials

In compensation panels, such as ammeters, reactive power control relay (regler), switches, copper busbars, contactors, power contactors, capacitors, connection conductors, electrical fuses, voltmeter commutator and voltmeter, ammeter or multimeters , Cosφmeter are mostly used.

n this sense, in newly constructed facilities, multimeters are preferred as an alternative to voltmeters and commutators, and Cosφmeter regulators are preferred instead of Cosφmeter Preferred and used materials should be produced in accordance with IEC (international electricity commission), TS (Turkish standards), VDE (German standard) standards.

At this point, panel companies perform the sales by preparing the assembly places according to the appropriate norms of the materials during the compensation construction. Finally, the compensation panel prices to be made also vary on the basis of capacity.